Individual Psychotherapy
I specialize in providing individual psychotherapy Psychotherapy is a professional relationship intended to help patients alleviate symptoms, increase self-awareness, and improve well-being.  People seek individual psychotherapy for a variety of reasons. Often the butt of jokes and Hollywood stereotypes, psychotherapy can actually be very helpful. Many want to talk about their lives and difficulties they are having.  People often experience psychotherapy as a safe relationship where they can share their deepest feelings and thoughts without fear of judgment. As the therapeutic alliance develops, the therapy relationship can provide a framework where healing takes place. While the past does not change, within the therapy relationship, the meaning of the past changes.

Psychological Assessment
I also specialize in providing psychological assessment Psychological assessment�involves the constructing and executing a comprehensive evaluation designed to answer a specific referral question..  Depending on the referral question, I construct a customized set of interviews and psychological tests designed to answer the specific referral question.  Common referral questions include:

  • differential diagnosis (e.g., an attention-deficit disorder vs. an anxiety disorder)
  • treatment recommendations
  • eligibility for services and/or accommodations
 Broadly speaking, the tests used in answering these questions can be grouped into the following categories:


Famous cognitive tests include the Wechsler intelligence tests and the Woodcock-Johnson achievement tests.


Famous personality tests include the MMPI-2 and the Rorschach Inkblot Technique.


Famous Neuropsychological tests include the Halstead-Reitan and Luria-Nebraska.
Consultation and Supervision

I provide consultation and supervision Consultation and supervision is how knowledge, skill, and wisdom unavailable in textbooks but available in experience and clinical lore are passed from one clinician to another. to new and seasoned clinicians.  Clinicians seek these consultations in order to get a "fresh pair of eyes" on their clinical work.  I also provide supervision for graduate students, predoctoral interns, and postdoctoral residents seeking to develop their knowledge, skill, and ability in providing individual psychotherapy and psychological assessment.