Office Policies


Initial Consultations

The first time we meet, I shall listen to your primary concerns and explore if you are a good candidate for the type of therapy I practice. Not all problems and not all people are suitable for psychodynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. If I believe I can be of help and if you are interested in entering therapy with me, we will make plans on beginning work together.

Intake Interviews

This interview runs at least an hour and a half and often takes two full two hours. I have a detailed semi-structured interview to help me gain a context for you as an individual and how your current struggles may relate to your history. The interview can be broken over two sessions if a two-hour block cannot be easily scheduled.

Therapy Sessions

Therapy sessions are 45 minutes. I meet with patients at a minimum of once a week. I also meet with many patients two or more times a week. Increased frequency does not mean someone is more ill or has more problems. Many choose increased frequency for an increased depth of work. Depending on your wants and needs, frequency may vary during the course of therapy.

Appointment Times

Your appointment time represents a commitment to work. I commit to be present and provide psychotherapy both starting and stopping on time; you commit to provide our agreed upon fee. When you are late, I shall probably be unable to meet past your appointment time. I likely have another patient or another obligation after your appointment. That said, your appointment is your time; I shall not give it to another patient, activity, or obligation. You have essentially leased your appointment time from me. Therefore, you are free to use your time as you see fit. Seen this way, there is never a late-cancellation/no-show "penalty." I do however, have a late-cancellation/no-show policy.

Late-Cancellation/No-Show Policy

I envision this policy as congruent with our commitment to work. When patients are fully responsible for their appointment time, they rarely miss an appointment. That said, "life happens" and I believe requiring you to pay for your time regardless of the reason you are unable to keep the appointment is too rigid.

    1. Appointments rescheduled and kept within one week of original appointment is will billed as regular appointments.
    2. Appointments canceled with more than 72 hours notice, will not be billed.
    3. Appointments canceled with advanced notice of:
      • 72 - 49 hours are billed 50% of fee up to $50
      • 48 - 37 hours are billed 60% of fee up to $70
      • 36 - 25 hours are billed 70% of fee up to $90
      • 24 - 13 hours are billed 80% of fee up to $110
      • 12 -  9 hours are billed 90% of fee up to $130
      •   8 -  0 hours are billed 100% of fee up to $160

Finally, in order to demonstrate my commitment to being at your work, If I need to change our appointment time and cannot give you 24 hours notice, I shall meet with you an additional session of your choosing at no charge.

Fees and Billing


Payment for services is an important part of all professional relationships. This importance is magnified in therapy because of the focus on our relationship.
I provide psychological services on a fee-for-service basis. This means you pay me directly for my therapy services. I do not bill your insurance company for my reimbursement. This provides you the freedom and opportunity to have direct input and control of your treatment without the interference of a managed-care or insurance company.
This arrangement allows me to keep my fees as low as possible, because it cuts down on billing and bookkeeping costs. Furthermore, your treatment (and any diagnosis) remains your private business and need not be reported or disclosed to anyone you do not want to tell.
Unless we make prior arrangements, payment is required at the time I provide services. I accept payment by credit card, personal check, Pay Pal, and cash.

Using Your Insurance or Flexible Spending Account

I can provide you with a �super-bill� statement detailing the services provided so you can submit the information to your insurance carrier. Furthermore, many patients use their �flexible spending accounts� to pay for therapy with pre-tax dollars. The billing statement I provide will contain all the information needed to be reimbursed from your insurer or your FSA account.

Fee Schedule

I want to be upfront and clear about how much I charge. The initial consultation is free. I see no reason you should pay to decide if I am the right therapist for you. I believe I provide a valuable service at a fair market price I hope you will find affordable.

Initial Consultation


Diagnostic Interview


Individual Psychotherapy - 45 min


Psychological Assessment - per hour


Fee Reductions

I adjust my fee for a variety of reasons. For example, I offer discounts for full-time graduate students training in clinical psychology or an allied field, seminary students, and persons in full-time Christian ministry. Further, I also provide fee adjustments for patients referred through certain agencies, churches, and organizations.
I also offer a marked discount for increased session frequency. In order to be eligible for this discount, all sessions in a week must be paid at the first session of the week. When you pay for all sessions at the beginning of the week, I reduce the fee of each subsequent session in that week by fifty-percent from the previous session fee.