Treatment Philosophy

My treatment philosophy guides how I attempt to treat my patients. Broadly speaking, my treatment philosophy integrates my Christian faith with my training in clinical psychology. As a believer, I contend the Holy Spirit, not a clinician, actually heals wounded souls. Specifically, the Holy Spirit mediates healing within the context of human relationships. Such relationships often include parents, friends, spouses, and pastors. As a clinical psychologist, I believe the relationship between a therapist and patient has unique qualities, which the Holy Spirit can take advantage of to facilitate healing. Therefore, I strive to create this special relationship with the unique therapeutic qualities I believe provide the Holy Spirit the “space” to intercede and heal. Specifically, I aim to provide security, grace, truth, and time.

Key Components to Treatment
  • Freedom from danger
  • Safety
  • Confidence
  • Freedom from doubt and fear

I want you to feel safe and secure with me. Ideally, I want to create an “emotionally safe place” where you can take the risk of disclosing all of your thoughts and feelings (both positive and negative) no matter how unrelated, odd, or uncomfortable. When you are confidently secure, otherwise weird, forbidden, irrelevant, or taboo experiences become a centerpiece of our work and provide special insight into you and your wounded soul.

  • Unmerited favor
  • Unearned gift
  • Mercy
  • Divine love given freely
Grace is the hallmark of the Christian faith. Grace is the unmerited favor God bestows upon those who believe in Jesus Christ. I strive to model this grace in therapy. In the same way Christ accepts you as you are, I want you to be exactly who you are. I hope to provide grace so that you have no need to hide your thoughts or feelings, or feel the need to do anything other than be yourself.
  • Accuracy and honesty
  • Sincerity and integrity
  • Reality
  • Meaning of life

Truth is reality. Truth describes things as they actually are. In therapy, I strive to be accurate and honest with you regarding what is real. Specifically, I believe the truth of God’s word reveals the ultimate meaning of our existence. Furthermore, I intend to be authentic, genuine, and dependable. To this end, I shall never intentionally lie or tell you anything that I believe to be false.

  • An opportune moment
  • A season
  • A period for a given activity
  • A period at one’s disposal

Philosophers have discussed and debated the nature of time for millennia. While I am interested in such discussions, they are essentially academic. For the purposes of my treatment philosophy, I define time as an opportune season of moments at the patient’s disposal for the activity of healing. Moreover, I intentionally leave this “season” open-ended to allow you to proceed at your pace. I do not place arbitrary limits on the amount of time you might need to heal. Furthermore, I have no plan or intention to move or relocate in the foreseeable future; therefore, I commit to you that I shall be available for you as long as you need therapy.